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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Cape Wind Project.

Cape Wind is a project that has been being debated over for quite a few years now here on the cape and islands. If the proposal is accepted, one hundred thirty wind turbines will be placed miles away from the shore line of Nantucket on Nantucket Sound. Many of the arguments going against this project include things such as: A Forty-three foot Steel forest, Transformer oil sitting out on the ocean only a few miles from Nantucket’s coast itself, and it will double to nearly triple the price we pay for energy. Cape Wind claims that it will actually cut the cost of energy to the cape’s population by half if not more. They are also promising that the price of the energy will remain fixed.

If it is true that the cost will rise, why should it matter? The wind turbines are very expensive to build, thus the cost of them will have to be paid off, but over time the costs will decrease, we will have cleaner air, and a more environmentally friendly renewable energy source. Most of the energy that will be used will pass through Nantucket first, and if the people living there who are wealthy can’t afford a price spike for a year or so until the cost decreases below what we pay now, why are they living there?

Addressing the Forty-Three foot forest: People who live on Nantucket are afraid of their view being ruined. These Turbines will be off shore, they will only take a small space in a person’s view from shore of the ocean. They would rather keep their view turbine free because they are rich and deserve everything. They would rather punish the rest of the cape who is for the Turbines and let the chance for clean energy for the cape be overlooked because of their greed.

Transformer oil is, alas, essential to transforming the energy and sending it to the cape and the islands. If we keep using fossil fuels, plenty of ships carrying oil will pass there having a much larger chance of seeping into and contaminating the ocean.

The Arguments against cape wind seem to be less educated and more of greed. Cape Wind is a project that would benefit rather than harm the people living on the Cape and the Islands.

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