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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

In masses comfort is found, but is identity?

I think one of the major problems growing up is the problem of fitting in. Someone is always becomes an outcast based on their ethnicity, sexual orientation (which is discovered usually in one's teens), whether they are athletic or smart, and some other physical attributes such as weight and height. Some people never do fit in. In some ways I applaud them for that, they haven't given into the pressure of society, they have an identity. Some lose things about themselves purely to fit in with everyone else who is "normal", whatever that means. Some people join groups that have people like them, so they may identify as one of that group. I'm bisexual, but I prefer to call it open. However when I introduce myself I don't say "Hi I'm a bisexual". People could tell from my looks, though my style in more opinionated with Lesbians. I think one of the things people need to hold on to is not one part of themselves that makes them the most diverse, but also parts that make them appear human, which helps them to be more accepted along with being themselves. Example.

I like to write, I like to draw, I go to College, I'm not sure what I want to be yet, I love music, I'm bisexual. I also like to play Volleyball, shoot some hoops, and play video games, like Halo, once in a while.

People find comfort in masses of others who may share only one trait with them, and I admit, I as well do the same, but I don't think people keep their identity with them, I think for the time they are with that mass they identify themselves as that trait. Example: Gay, Star Wars Geek, Mother to be, Father to be, Activist, union worker, etc.

I realize that this entry doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. Let me explain. I have a friend who everyone knew was gay before he would ever admit it. He got in fights about it in middle school and was always made fun of in high school. Now that he has finally come out of the closet to everyone he identifies as gay. When he does something, a lot of the time he says something close to "I'm gay, what did you expect" and it drives me insane. I hope this gives everyone a better understanding of this post and why I wrote it.

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