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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Do not deserve as much money as they make, ever. In fact, no one in the world really deserves to be making more than, maybe $150,000/yr. Why? No one ever needs more than that, it is more than a sufficient amount to live a comfortable life. Anyone who wants more is extremely greedy. The only exception I can see is people who have more than three kids. Personally, I find anyone who has more than four or five kids a completely ignorant and selfish. Over population problem, anyone noticed? More and more sixteen and seventeen years olds are having kids, and then repeating that same mistake a year or so later.
It is sad that the economy has crumbled because of deceit and lies about money that didn't exist just to generate business. It is ridiculous that so many people have to pay for the mistakes and lies of people trying to get that sale that will give them more commission or whatever. The Free Market Economy really only seems to allow greed to be ahead of the pact screwing so many other people over.
The government should temporarily take over the major businesses that put us in this mess and fix up some things, not give them a blank check with the only catch is that it has to be paid back. The heads of these corporations should have never seen a cent of the money given to them by the government. They should receive a pay cut, a drastic one.
The Economy is a joke, the proper people aren't being punished, just everyone else who had nothing to do with it's fall. It's fucked up, and it's still happening. Hopefully Obama will shed some light on the situation and help patch it up, because right now, people are losing their jobs by the thousands everyday.
Good luck calling in Unemployment if you need to, it's difficult to even be put on a more than hour long hold.

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Ryn said...

Why give the corrupt control of the corrupt? Someone needs to tke responsibility, or it needs to collapse to rebuild a better business. *shrug* anarchic, but meh