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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hope for 2009.

First off, Happy Belated Obama Day (the sequel, as Ida likes to say)!

Now I would like to move on to something I came across on
Here is a link to the deviation. Read the artist's comments.

Here was my response:
The economy must shift with the faults. There will always be greed, and so capitalism will always lead to the downfall of an economy. It fell because of the lack of regulations. A true balance would not include a totally free market like so many would like to believe. The government should always be involved in the market, even if only somewhat. Otherwise it will just lead back to depression. People will always lie about money that does not exist just to get the sale, and that is what screwed our economy over.

As for being called a Euro-American.
I call a African American a black person. I can slightly agree with you on that issue about being called that, with political correctness and all. However you may want to remember that there are many other words, or slurs, for people of the skin color, and that not too long ago people would call them black with hate behind the word. I can understand the sensitivity to the word.

Though I agree with you on that, it has absolutely nothing to do with Obama being elected, and I believe that he will do much more good for this country than McCain would have.

Countries are diplomatic, there are few, if any, that want only to destroy us. You are ignorant in that issue. You have to realize that there are some people, extremists, who act out and who you are basing that generalization on.

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it


Here be a screen shot of my response, I'm putting it up for no real reason, just thought I should.

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