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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Animal testing and what not.

Okay! So. I think animal testing is completely wrong. Yes, I am aware of the benefits, however, there is a difference between the sacrifice of one (or few) for the benefit of all, and torture. Many would argue that the animals don't have souls, therefore it is better to test on them then homo sapiens.

I believe that with a soul comes the capacity to feel. There are a large number of animals capable of showing that they are happy, for example, dogs. There is an even greater number of animals that show fear. Fear is an emotion, I, personally, do not believe to just come with the instinct to survive.

So let us pretend we all agree that they have souls, i.e. non-human beings. So now they would tell me they are less intelligent beings unable to communicate or comprehend the world around them. They can't build rockets that will take us to the moon. Okay. So are you telling me that we should also start conducting tests on those mentally handicap and unable to speak? We won't even go there really, because I am sure somewhere that is happening anyway, and it is just as wrong.

Now let's just go with another personal belief of mine. I am agnostic. I don't know if I believe in God, or divine beings, or anything such as. I haven't figured that out yet, but for the sake of saying that I believe, I would also put into that belief that we, as humans, were not put here to abuse this planet and it's living beings for our own benefits. I would believe that we are meant to be caretakers, not a plague. Instead we infest, pillage, and plunder, as it were, this planet we call our "home". I think its tragic.

On to the violence towards these researchers/"researchers". I put it quoted as well as non-quoted because, yes, the tests the perform do benefit us, but it is also cruel and torturous to these living beings they "test" medicines, and such, on. I do not endorse the violence. I think it is a major step in the WRONG direction. To be honest, I would love to take these researchers and make them become the subjects to their own tests, but I would not actually act on that feeling, nor do I feel as though anyone else should. We can't bring about real change that anyone would fully stand behind if it was taken at forceful measures.

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